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When you host a Namaste Getaway your airfare, hotel, transfers and food package are paid for.   You are also given a $1000 stipend to spend as you like.

Namaste Getaways are Thursday through Sunday. You choose the dates and we will plan your Getaway to accommodate your departure city.

Based on your dates we provide a starting price for your package that includes airfare*, transfers, hotels and food.  Keep in mind that Bermuda has an on season April-October and an off season November-March and the price will vary accordingly.  Both Single and Double Occupancy prices will be included. Final pricing is determined by dates and number of participants.

*airfare inclusion optional

Namaste Getaways require a minimum number of participants in order to book a trip.  That number is based on number of instructors and will be reviewed when you contact us.

As a host you will choose the type of yoga you will teach for your Getaway to meet the needs of your participants.  You will teach yoga for each session designated on the itinerary.

Namaste Getaways DOES NOT provide props or mats for yoga.

Instructors who host a Namaste Getaway are required to have proof of certification in their field, i.e. Yoga, meditation, life coaching, etc.  If applicable, he/she must also provide proof of insurance in his/her specialty.

Please Contact Us if you have further questions. We’d be happy to help.